ضرب المثل فارسی به انگلیسی

پا توي يك كفش كردن                     ـ1-Harp on one string.
When we say that a person is harping on one  string , we mean that he is a stubborn person .
آبشان در   يك جوي نمي رود      2-They will never go in double harness
In the case that a couple  doesn’t  have mutual understanding ,we say that : they will never go in double harness .
ميانه روي بهترين كارهاست . ميانه گزين در همه كارها فردوسي  3-Neither  extreme is good
When we tell some one that neither extreme is good , we mean that we should do anything in moderation .

پايت را به اندازه گليمت دراز كن 4-Cut your coat according to your cloth
If some one is not satisfied with his own right and wants to take the possession of  yours , you can tell him, cut your coat according to your cloth .
هركه با مش بيش برفش  بيشتر           5- Agreat ship must have deep water .
This proverb means that if some one is searching for great advantages  , he should be aware of it’s disadvantages .
6- Action speaks louder than words
دو صد گفته چون نيم كردار نيست                 به عمل كار برآيد به سخراني نيست (سعدي )
Action speaks louder than words means that . it’s better to act instead of speaking .

مالت را سفت نگه دار ، همسايه ات را دزد نكن       7-Better a lock than doubt .
If you make all your property secure , you needn’t to suspect other people .
جوينده ، يابنده است                                                         8- he that seeks finds .
To find your desirebles , you should be active and seek forthat.
9-Speaks the truth and shame the devil .
آنرا كه حساب پاك است ، از محاسبه چه باك است زدوزخ نترسم كه كارم نكوست (سعدي)
The  person who does his job  honestly and does’nt think of fraud , he speaks the truth and shame the devil

10- Abird in the hand is worth two in the bush
سركه نقد به از حلواي نسيه
This proverb suggests that you shouldn’t lose something you have  , in the hope of future .
11- He who takes a partner takes a master
ديگ شراكت به جوش نمي آيد.
This proverb  points out the disadvantages of partnership.
تا تنور گرم است نان بايد پخت            12- Make hay , while the  sun shines .
تا تنور گرم است بايد نان بست .
Make hay , while the sun shines , implies that if you are in search of success , you must utilize the opportunities .
13- Misfortunes tell us what fortune is .
قدر عافيت كسي داند كه به مصيبتي گرفتار آيد ـ
كسي قيمت تندرستي شناخت         كه يك چند بيچاره در تاب گداخت
When we are good conditioned  and in welfare , we don’t  appreciate it . s
4- The best part is yet to come
اين رشته سر دراز دارد
The best part is yet to come , means that we should wait until the  end of a process to see the out come
5-He laughs best who laughs   last.
شاهنامه آخرش خوش است  .
The proverb says that in some situations which we think they are bad ending , may change the process and a happy ending .
16- Today me ,tomorrow thee .
هر كسي را چند روزي نوبت است ـ امروز من فردا توـ  آسياب به نوبت .
By today me , tomorrow thee , a person tells the other that up  and down of life , come in turn .
كاسه اي زير نيم كاسه است                   . 17-There are wheels within wheels
When we want to say that we have daubts about a process, wesay that there are wheels within weels .
مشكلي نيست كه آسان نشود                                18- Every sore has its salve .
If we don’t get tired of seeking , we can find remedies for every problem.
wholesome effects.   19-Bitter pills may have
شفا بايدت داروي تلخ بنوشي   – هركه طاووس خواهد ، جور هندوستان كشد .
The expression means  that we shouldn’t complain about the hardships ,because they may have benefits .
20-A happy heart makes a blooming visage .
رنگ رخساره خبر مي دهد از سر ضمير ـ (سعدي )
The proverb suggests if you want to find the inner condition a person , it is enough to look at his face .
21- Haste makes waste
عجله كارها را تباه مي كند  ـ عجول يك كار را دو بار انجام مي دهد  ـ
One must allocate enough time for doing his duty , other wise he will do it improperly .
.   22- Habit is second  nature
ترك عادت موجب مرض است.
If a person grow in a habit , it will be part of his personality .
23- An  Artist lives every where .
هنرمند هر كجا كه رود در صدر نشيند و عزت بيند . (سعدي)
An artist as a creator of some thing that is naturally loved by the members of society , is a popular person

.  24- A word is enough to the wise
عاقلان را يك اشارت بس . (مولوي )  در خانه اگر كس است ، يك حرف بس است .
To convey  the essence of speech , you needn’t to give extra explanation to a wise man .

25- A word spoken  is an arrow to fly .
آب رفته را به جوي باز نمي گردد .
A  word may have undesirable   consequences ,then one should be careful when speaking .

هر گردي گردو نيست                                      26-All that glitters is non gold .
The external characteristics  of some thing is not a good standard for judgement .
اول انديشه ، بعد گفتار                      27- Think twice before you speak once
سخندان پرورده پير كهن                      بينديشد آنگه بگويد سخن  (سعدي)
Words should be uttered thought fully , other wise you many face problem .
28- A stich in tince seves nine.
علاج واقعه را قبل از وقوع بايد كرد .
It is thought full to reflect on consequences of an action , other wise we will be regret full
29- In the long run right will out .
بالاخره حق به حقدار مي رسد  .
It is possible that the wrong become successful , but it is temporal and finally it will be right that will out.
30- Let bygones be bygones .
گذشت آنچه گذشت ـ بر گذشته حسرت آوردن خطاست .
Since we usually cannot do any thing to  compensate the misdeeds , it is better not to think of them and forget them .

31-Where there is a will there is a way
خواستن توانستن است
32-Little by little and bit by bit .
پايه پايه رفت بايد سوي بام          پايه پايه بر توان رفتن به بام (مولوي )

زمان مي گذرد  (سعدي )                                                               33- Time flies .
انسان جايز الخطاست                                                               34-To err is human
دانايي توانائي است                                                     .35-Knowledge is human
36-Every cloud has a silver linin
بعد از نا اميدي بسي اميد هاست     از پس ظلمت دو صد خورشيد هاست .
بالاي سياهي رنگي نيست                              37-Black will take no other hue .
38-Toomany cooks spoilthe broth .
خانه اي كه دو كدبانو ست خاك تا زانوست .
سفر ازموده كند مرد را                                      39-Travel broadens the mind .
نا برده رنج گنج ميسر نمي شود
40-No gain without pain . (  No Pain , No Gain)
41-Discretion is the better part of valour .          احتياط شرط عقل است
بده بستان                                                                                   42-Give and take .
43-Speech is silver , silence is  golden .
اگر گفتن سيم باشد ، خاموشي زر است .
44- Every thing comes to him who waits .
صبر آرد آرزو را ني شتاب
45-When one door shuts , aow her opens
خدا گر ز حكمت ببندد دري ـ ز حكت گشايد در ديگري
46- Do as I say , not as I do .
آه ازاين واعظان منبر كوب .
47 –  If the blind lead the blind , both shall fall in to the ditch.
خفته را خفته كي كند بيدار ؟!
هر چه از حد بگذرد ناچار گردد ضد آن                             48-Extremes  meet .
49-Every man has the  defects of his own vintues .
بي عيب خداست .

50-A man words and of needs is like a garden full of weeds .
با علم اگر عمل نكني شاخ ي بري

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